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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

May 5, 2017

As we approach Friday, I figured it would be a great time to release Luxe District’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017! I could also be killing two birds with one stone by writing this blog, while giving my family hints on what I’d love to have for Mother’s Day, ha! I really want to focus on some of the items I have purchased for myself this year, which I truly love. I also want to include items I feel like every mom wishes for, things a mom can’t get enough of or simply haven’t had a chance to purchase it for herself. If you're late on your shopping this year, it would also be beneficial purchasing from local stores and artisans to give something extra unique! I also feel like through my journey this year, I’ve met some amazing local artisans and for each one, I always kick myself for not buying something that caught my eye. Can you tell I’m giving hints to my hubby and hopefully I'm effective!


1. Delilah Pink Tassel Earrings by Flea Style / 2. White Howlite Beads Bracelet by Burdlife /           3. Bodum Chambord Copper French Press from Sur La Table / 4. Bandolier Libby Gold iPhone 7 Case / 5. Minthologie Studio Initials Necklace / 6. Luxe District Gold Geometric Planter & Succulent / 7. The Bouqs Co. Champagne Bouquet of Mini Calla Lilies / 8. Mansur Gavriel Brandy Backpack in Raw at Forty Five Ten / 9. Voluspa Embossed Glass Scalloped Edge Candle in Plum Bloom / 10. Chelles Macarons  / 11. Luxury Sneakers from Sette / 12. Odin Leather Charging Cable Tool Roll


  • Flea Style's Delilah Earrings are handmade in Dallas so not only will you be supporting a local artisan and business. If you purchase it before midnight this Friday, you will be contributing to the Canton Texas Tornado relief. 100% of the shop's proceeds will be go towards this relief (Retail $38). I say if you can make Mom happy with these cute earrings & help families in Canton, you can forget about any buyer's remorse!


  • Burdlife's White Howlite Beads Bracelet is incredibly gorgeous (Retail $42)! I love stacking bracelets and when I saw these I knew I had to have them. Needless to say my daughter really wanted one for herself. This artisan was kind enough to give me something more child friendly from her secret stash. I just knew right then that her kindness would have me coming back for this bracelet for sure! Burdlife jewelry can be purchased on Etsy or on their website, which is extremely convenient if an Etsy gift card is easier for Mom to pick out her own bracelet or necklace!

  • I recently purchased a Bodum Chambord Copper French Press which I absolutely love! I truly look forward to making coffee every morning now as everything has tasted so incredibly rich and smelled amazingly aroma. I also found it nice to spend some time making my coffee rather than using a machine with pods. I highly recommend this gift for any Mom who loves the aroma and taste of coffee. I purchased my press from Sur La Table but I know many other distributors who carry Bodum products such as Amazon.com (Retail $36.48)

  • The Bandolier Libby Gold iPhone Case is the cutest. I've been to a couple sporting events which prohibits large handbags. I've also found it to be a hassle carrying handbags to concerts. What better solution when you have on an outfit without pockets than this iPhone case! I can totally see this being at the top of any Mom's list simply for convenience in storing money or cards in the snap pocket compartment. You can find these cases by Bandolier at Nordstrom or for this one in particular on www.Bandolierstyle.com (Retail $128)


  • I think I have been totally obsessed with initials jewelry for the past couple years! I found these on Etsy by Minthologie Studio with great reviews (Retail $24-$34). I love the finish selections such as rose gold, gold & silver. There are gold fill & gold plated options as well. You can't go wrong with these cute necklaces! The great thing is you can purchase initial bracelets as well!

  • Of Course I can't forget about Luxe District's Gold Geometric Planter! I sent several out for Mother's Day and the responses have been so incredibly warming! It is the perfect accessory for the kitchen counter, bookshelf or desktop. Not to mention how hardy succulent plants are easy to maintain for a Mom who wants a low maintenance plant. You can purchase this for $17 on our website or pick the order up locally if "last minute" is your middle name!

  • I don't think I need to go into much detail on this one. Who doesn't love fresh flowers? I found this one called Champagne from The Bouqs Co. to be very glamorous (Available in three sizes ranging from $60 - $90)! Absolutely love The Bouqs Co. because they utilize farm to table flowers! This one in particular is farmed in USA. Check out more bouquet options from the Bouq Co. here.


  • The Mansur Gavriel Brandy Backpack in Raw (Retail $625) . I know this is a total splurge we can all dream right? Locally, this can be found at Forty Five Ten in Dallas. For a less lofty option, check out the India Mini Backpack from Barney's New York Warehouse Sale (Retail $149/final sale).






  • For Moms who want more than just chocolate, Macarons from Chelles are the best! Chelles has two locations in Dallas. One in Plano and the other at the Dallas Farmers Market in Downtown, Dallas. Considering you can buy Chelles Macarons in a pack of 6 or 12, there will be more to share (Mini Pack of 6 $11 / 1 Dozen $21)! This will surely put a smile on Mom's face!



  • Fancy sneakers for the Mom who loves to be stylish but also wants to be comfortable! This pretty much describes every Mom I know in my life! Sette boutique in Houston offers many unique items not seen in any other boutiques in Houston. I love supporting local businesses, especially women owned businesses. I recently purchased some adorable jeans from a designer based out of L.A. at Sette. I love their jewelry selection as well. Great gifts for any trendy mom out there! (Sette is located at // 2606 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77098)

  • I've been traveling a lot lately and found myself struggling to keep my chargers organized in one space inside my large weekender bag. I ran across this local artisan, Odin Leather Goods who has a wide range of handmade goods. I got to see this beautifully handmade Charging Cable Tool Roll in person and I have to say that leather is amazing! It functions like a jewelry roll and is compact enough not to take up too much space in my bag but large enough to hold an iPhone and laptop charger. Aside from the tan color seen in this photo, it comes in a darker brown shade as well as a black leather (Retail $45). Yes I want it! Any mom who travels quite often would surely appreciate fine leather and craftsmanship. You can order directly from Odin Leather Goods online.

So there you have our top twelve picks! I can't say enough about supporting local artisans and local businesses! They truly put their heart, sweat and tears into what they do just like moms who raise their children with all their heart, sweat and tears! I hope you found our Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017 helpful and hopefully I won't wait as long to post to our blog again!

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