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Get These Beauties Bloomin'!

November 22, 2016

I absolutely love flowers and when I find something special, I just want to buy them up to display them at home! Fresh flowers always brighten my day so when I come across a find like these Peonies, I want to enjoy them immediately! So with that I must share how i got my Peonies to bloom in 24 hours!


With celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I knew I wanted these Peonies to bloom in time for family to arrive. I purchased them on Sunday at 5pm from my local flower market. I drove straight home from the market and filled my vase almost to the very top, maybe leaving one inch for rising water once the flowers are in. I used warm water to fill the vase. I would say the water much warmer than room temperature but not hot. I then added a whole packet of FloraLife Bulb Food to help the blooming process. Now I prepared myself to move fast fast fast! I cut each stem to my desired length by using a sharp knife and cutting at a sharp angle. I immediately placed each stem in the vase quickly after trimming. When I say quickly, I mean I was trimming the stems very closely to the vase and dropping them in immediately. I basically prevented the freshly cut stem from being exposed to the air very long.

It is also important to cut at a very sharp angle to expose a larger  area of the stem in order to have a larger surface area to soak up the water & bulb food.


24 hours later, voilà!!! My Peonies fully bloomed and the ones that were completely closed before are on its way! These beautiful jewel tones really make an impact in my kitchen and really seem like the best colors this fall/winter as a focal point in this space. Check out the before and after pictures over a 24 hour period.

 First hour of bringing these beauties home. These bulbs had not yet bloomed 100%.

24 hours later!

Just look at those beautiful blooms!!! 


I found these packets at my local floral shop but I was able to find them on Amazon.com here https://www.amazon.com/Flower-Floralife-Crystal-powdered-packets/dp/B004CHQJJI

or directly from the supplier here https://floralife.com/en/products/all-products/bulb-food-clear-300


The only downside is having to purchase in bulk. Best bet is to check your local floral shop or the local grocery store floral department. -Happy Holidays!


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