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Luxe District Collective

Dallas Farmers Market

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Dallas, TX 75201

Presentation & First Impressions

November 16, 2016

As a new startup, making a lasting impression is key to gaining recognition. This applies to all aspects whether it be face to face or via social media. I've never been the type of person who loved to talk about myself or share my whole life via selfies. However, attempting to build a relationship with our clientele and followers would not be as effective if we didn't share more of who we are as people. I could go on and on posting about our products, but how about what inspires us! I want to share more about our creative projects, fashion, family & food (how can anyone ever forget about food)! So let's see how this blogging thing goes!


My project this week was creating packages for donations that Luxe District will be making to local schools auctions. As with anything, presentation and first impressions are of the utmost importance to me. I knew I did not want to simply pass along one of our gift cards in a plain envelope. I wanted to give something that would be exciting to open for the auction winner. Winning an auction is like finding that amazing dress, the last one left on the rack which happens to be your size! I also thought about the "unboxing" youtube video craze and how many women filmed themselves "unboxing" a new handbag. I don't know what it is but opening a pretty box is just exciting. Whether the auction winner decides to keep the gift card or transfer it someone else as a gift, the recipient will surely enjoy opening this box.


I included a brochure showing some of our pieces of furniture and planters. I also included a letter I typed up. I felt that i was important to introduce myself and tell them a little bit about the company and how it got started. A personalized touch is so important to me as well. Finally the last detail - what good is a gift box without a bow?



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